Oversight Committee

Purpose: The purpose of an oversight committee is to undertake a quarterly review of the use of restrictive procedures based on patterns or problems indicated by similarities in the time of day, day of the week, duration of the use of procedures; the number of times a restrictive procedure is used school-wide and for individual children; the number and types of injuries, if any, resulting from the use of restrictive procedures are used in nonemergency situations; the need for additional staff training; and proposed action to minimize the use of restrictive procedures.  A paper copy is available upon request describing the restrictive procedure plan (RPP) for children with disabilities.


Expert in positive behavior intervention:      Lara McDowell

School Psychologist:                                   Natalie Shutter

Director of Special Education:                     Nathan Lutzka

Washington Elementary Principal:               BJ Berg

Standards for Restrictive Procedures

Positive Behavioral Intervention Supports

Crisis Prevention Institute

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