Special Education

Our Mission
To improve the educational results for children and youth with disabilities ages birth through 21.

Our Program
Our total special education system provides all children with disabilities a free appropriate public education with special education and related services designed to meet their individual needs. Please contact the special education office if you have any questions or need further information.

Six Common Questions About Special Education
What is special education?
Special education means specially designed instruction, services or programs, provided at no cost to the parent, to meet unique needs of students with disabilities. Special education may include specially designed instruction or supplementary instruction and services provided in the general education class, help from a consultant teacher, resource room programs, special classes, home and/or hospital instruction or programs and services provided in other public or private schools.

How are students identified?
A referral for special education services is initialed by a parent; teacher or other professional who believes a student may have a disability that adversely affects education performance. Parents are involved in the development of an evaluation plan for the child. An educational evaluation or an assessment of the student is conducted using a variety of tests and techniques, to determine whether a student has a disability and needs special education services.

What is an individualized education program (IEP)?
If the student is eligible for special education, the team including the parent develops an individualized education program (IEP), a written plan which includes the programs and services to meet the unique educational needs of the child. At least annually, the team must review, and revise where appropriate, each student's IEP. At least once every three years, the team must re-evaluate the student to determine if the student continues to have disability and continues to need special education.

Are student records confidential?
The school district's policy on the confidentiality of student records may limit access to certain documents by school personnel. School district employees must follow data privacy procedures required by state and federal law. Only teachers and school personnel who are involved in the education of children with disabilities have the right to access a child's educational records. School staff need to know what services and supports are required in the IEP.

Can parents review the records of their son or daughter?
Parents may access all school records concerning their children.

What information can be disclosed?
The educational record of a student, including the IEP, may be sent to other school officials, school districts, or post-secondary schools.

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